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Selected credits
Production Producer/director
When Black was Beautiful
The rise of black as an icon of beauty
Tim Pritchard
(Juniper Prods for BBC)
The Face of Tutankhamun Watch
5 x 50 mins about Howard Carter and the whole Tutankhamun story
Derek Towers & Dave Wallace (BBC)
Timewatch:Sold Down the River
The migration of slaves from Mississippi to Chicago
Mark Hayhurst (BBC)
Timewatch:The First Intifada
The Palestinian uprising after the formation of Israel
Antonia Benedek (BBC)
Timewatch:Savagery & the American Indian
The elimination of the Native American way of life by the colonisers
Ken Kirby (BBC)
Footsteps: A Strong Man in Egypt
Biography of the discoverer of the Egyptian pyramids, Giovanni Belzoni
Derek Towers (BBC)
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