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Selected credits
Production Producer/director
The Science of Plants Watch
Timelapse footage for 6x20min educational series
John Howarth & Carrie Grant
(Remarkable Pictures for Discovery)
Body Hits
Visual FX sequences for pop science series for BBC3
Judith Bunting & Andy Robbins
Bull Sharks
Shark catching sequence
Nigel Marven (Image Impact for Discovery)
Secret History: Comet Cover-up
The true story that warned of the possibility of aircraft failure
Richard Sattin / Steve Ruggi
(Principal Films for C4)
Teen Species
Contibution to Human Body spin-off about puberty
Judith Bunting (BBC)
Superhuman Watch
Visual effects with the human body and Sir Robert Winston
Judith Bunting (BBC/Discovery)
The Secret Life of Twins Watch
The genetics of twins with Sir Robert Winston
Judith Bunting (BBC/Discovery)
Earth Story - (South Africa, Kenya, Greenland, Sweden, Canada) Watch
The history of the planet - geologically
David Sington, Simon Singh & Cynthia Page (BBC)
Horizon: The Virus that Cures
A cure for anti-biotic resistant bacteria, developed in ex-Soviet Georgia
Judith Bunting (BBC/Discovery)
Horizon: The Truth About BSE Bettina Lerner/Cynthia Page (BBC)
Horizon: Aliens From Mars
Is there evidence of life on Mars?
Danielle Peck & Max Whitby (BBC)
Horizon: Destination Mars
The history of Martian exploration
Max Whitby, (Red Green & Blue Co for BBC)
Horizon: Mars - Death or Glory
The future of Martian exploration
Sam Roberts (BBC/TLC)
Horizon: The Timelords
The truth about the science of time travel & wormholes
Judith Bunting (BBC)
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Shooting 'The Science of Plants'
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