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Selected credits
Production Producer/director
White Clouds
Dennis Potter's last unproduced screenplay for BBC4
Geoff Deehan / Gavin Millar
(Union Pictures for BBC)
Jonathan Creek: 2nd unit
Verity Lambert (BBC)
Zulu Wars Watch
3 x 1hr dramatised historical reconstructions, co-directed and photographed by John Howarth
Richard Wawman/John Howarth(Essential TV for TLC-Discovery)
Suffer the Children Watch
50-min dramatised account of Victorian child slavery, introduced by Peter Ustinov
Derek Towers (BBC)
Earthwarp Watch
Science fiction series for children - loaded with visual effects and blue screen
Ron Smedley/Peter Rose (BBC)
50-min drama-doc about the future of the Internet, with Tom Baker, written by Douglas Adams
Max Whitby (BBC)
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Shooting 'Earthwarp'
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